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Welcome to the GRID


Grid Lake offers a fully scalable information sharing platform that truly eliminates the need for third-party, black box solutions.  Grid Lake seamlessly builds upon the power of the cloud and allows you to utilize existing tools to empower you.


Contact us to download the GridLake Agent -

GRID Intel

Grid Intel is a web-based solution that enables self-service intelligence building.  Build your own network of people, places, vehicles, interactions, etc. that tell the whole story.  Grid Intel is very valuable for organizations looking to boost investigations, or build situational awareness.



Grid Link is our network visualization tool for Grid Intel.  It also uses the flexibility of the latest web technologies to build visual frameworks and showcase cross-connecting entities.  Furthermore, Grid Link can also be deployed to use your existing records systems to "mine" the information automatically.

GRID Analytics

Grid Analytics is our flag-ship product which combines the power of Lake, Intel, and Link into one common mapping platform for geographic analysis and dynamic, self-service reporting.  Grid Analytics can be delivered as an off-the-shelf solution or entirely custom built for your specific needs.

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